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Charlotte & Gabriela Daniels Vipissy

Sexy blonde Gabriela is desperate to pee. She can feel her bladder ballooned out to maximum capacity and tiny dribbles of urine trying to escape from between her legs. Much to her surprise, the pressure inside is causing a feeling of arousal – one that she’s never felt before, at least not like this. She just needs to hold off a little bit longer. Mistress Charlotte hasn’t given her permission to pee yet and Gabriela knows that girls who don’t obey get punished. The problem is, she’s been drinking so much water and holding back the river of piss for so long… her desperation is growing by the second. Finally she can’t hold it any longer. Still dressed in her school girl outfit and seated in a clear plastic chair, Gabriela feels a rush of warm fluid flowing between her legs, puddling in the chair and spilling over onto the floor. The sensation is one of overwhelming relief and it feels so incredibly good that she doesn’t even care what punishment may follow. Little does she know, this is exactly what Charlotte has been waiting for. Finally, her little play-toy has done her bad deed and Charlotte can’t wait for the games to begin. She absolutely loves to be in control and is getting so turned on just thinking about what’s to come. Beckoning her submissive boyfriend into the room, Charlotte kicks off a long session of golden wet fucking between the three friends, making sure to leave not a single one of her desires unfulfilled.

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